How to outfit your luxury coach or RV

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Ever seen the movie leisure seeker? It portrays a never to be forgotten and heartfelt adventure of a couple travelling around in their luxury coach; the leisure seeker. It builds a yearning to create similar memories travelling around the world in style and in comfort.

rv coach

In order to embark on such a journey, however, our luxury coach must be outfitted with necessities with the aim of making the journey as pleasant and comfortable as can be. Below is an outline of some of these essentials for your never to be forgotten adventure:

First Aid Kit

No one wishes for any mishaps but it is important to be prudent. A cut properly tended to with a first aid kit will go a long way to prevent complications that may otherwise result.

Portable Dehumidifier

Without a doubt, a dehumidifier is a necessity because something as little as a shower can cause the humidity in your luxury coach to sky rocket; a major discomfort. A portable one will be small, save space and would be easy to move around.

Dumping Hose

Clearing the tanks is definitely not the most savory task on an adventure like this and it is for this reason that getting the right equipment is a requisite to making sure the task is done properly and with the least discomfort. It must be the right size, length, transparent: just enough to know that the contents are moving out as required.


Not much is needed to be said about this, a generator is needed to power your electrical appliances out wherever your journey takes you. Some features which are worth putting into consideration are: ease of operation and noise generation. So, a small, push to start and quiet generator will add to making the best experience.

Cleaning equipment

Appliances like a vacuum cleaner, mops and toilet brushes are essentials that are needed to maintain the hygiene of your luxury coach. It is always a pleasure answering nature in a neat and hygienic fashion.

Portable Grill

It is customary to grill at least once when out on an adventure like this and a portable grill will help accomplish this task. A portable grill would be small and storage friendly to save space. Make the perfect evening meal with as much comfort as possible with a portable grill.

Cooking and eating utensils

While on the road, the most ideal types of utensils will be those that are more durable than fine china such as plastic, wood or stainless. To avoid having to eat canned food the entire duration of your trip, it wouldn’t hurt to carry an electric fruit and vegetable peeler such as the ones recommended by TenTipper to have some fresh food now and then. There is always the possibility of things moving out of place so we will want to prevent loosing those beautiful kitchen wares.

Folding Chairs

After the burgers, hot-dogs and grilled chicken, and it’s time to relax in the night air and enjoy the view of the stars, some folding chairs would come in handy. They are easy to move, collapsible and ideal for storage.

Maps and GPS

Especially when you are trusting inspiration to direct your journey to places you have never visited, it is crucial to have a map and/or a GPS along to ensure that time is not wasted going around in circles or flat-out getting lost. Knowing where and how far away the nearest gas station and essentials are, will help avoid those situations that would cast a shadow on your adventure.

In conclusion, it is with emphasis on comfort that the list above has been prepared. It is hoped that many leisure seeking experiences of readers would be enhanced and those experiences would be such to remember.

The Essentials Of Buying A RV

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Looking for a recreational vehicle can become quite confusing when a new to RV camping. You would not know where to look for vehicles for sale. How do you find a great place to buy this recreational vehicle? Should we buy a used one or a new one? To simplify this simple scenario, just follow a few steps to buy a recreational car. When planning a purchase, you will definitely land at the best possible price.

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First, if you want to buy a used one, make a list of the things you want to check when looking at used vehicles. As anyone can easily cheat while buying a used RV, it can be in poor condition, so it’s best to plan the things you’d like to check by looking at a recreational second-hand vehicle.

Make sure there are no loose screws in the vehicle that do not tighten or leave bubbles on the outer panels. Check if there is light and the roof of the vehicle. Check all cabinets, as well as recreational vehicle drawers. Many recreational vehicles used have a minor or serious problem that the owner of the vehicle may not want to reveal, so it is necessary to make a good evaluation before saving to save time and money.

And if you plan to buy a new recreational vehicle, you can negotiate almost forty percent. In fact, many recreational vehicles put up for sale in most cases are marked as 40%, so there is certainly room for a bargain price. Do not buy a brand of dead RV.

These companies can stop operating and your vehicle can never get the after-sales service from these companies because they are no longer there. The repair can cost you a lot when you go elsewhere to your parent company. Another thing to think about is the dealer’s rank. Each brand of recreational vehicles has different levels of coverage of national workshops. Choose a brand of recreational vehicles that has a wide range of national repair shops.

Two things to consider when buying a recreational vehicle

1) resale value

2) use

If you plan to sell your recreational vehicle in the future, make sure you do not have problems with the brand you are buying. Many buyers can resort to a dead brand or just for a bathroom, a bathroom through the bedroom, etc. And how do you plan to use your motorhome?

If you plan to take a trip around the country, buy a recreational vehicle model that is reliable on the roads. If you plan to spend most of your time at several campsites, get a recreational vehicle that has a design that suits your relaxing style.

The purchase of an RV fully depends on the needs and affordability of the consumer. However, when buying a motorhome, the consumer must ensure that it offers optimal storage conditions with the desired level of comfort. People who travel too much and require a longer stay outside the home should go to an exclusive motorhome, which offers additional benefits, such as more storage space and other recreational facilities. however, people who go on short trips can buy a smaller RV, which offers all the basic services.